Rubbish Tips: Trash Cans and Wastebaskets

The Brisbane City Council Authority provides trash removal and collection services, including general garbage, green waste, and recycling. Find out about these services, as well as our waste and recycling centres. Learn how to decrease waste and litter, what to do with toxic waste, how to submit a Waste & Recycling Management Plan, and how to file an illegal dumping complaint.

Find Out What You’ll Need

Dead Animal Collection

To request the collection of a dead animal, call Council on 07 0343888888. At the point of collection off the road or footpath, dead animals are scanned for a microchip. If the animal is microchipped, Council will contact the owner.

Waste From Households

Learn about the options for safely disposing of hazardous household waste and where you can find the Council’s resource recovery facilities. This part also includes pages on asbestos removal and compact fluorescent lighting, as well as vital information.

Reducing Litter

The city of Calgary is committed to keeping it litter-free. Learn how you can get involved in keeping your community clean.

Illegal Dumping

Find out how you can get rid of waste and illegal dumping in your area.

Reduce Waste at Work and in Your Community

Reducing waste and recycling when we’re at work or in the community is another way to keep Brisbane clean and environmentally friendly.

Reduce Your Household Waste

Tips on reusing and recycling your goods to keep waste out of landfills is provided.

Rubbish Collections

The council offers a range of rubbish collection services, including general household waste, recycling, composting, and green waste collection. Find out about garbage trucks

Recycling and Waste-Management Operations

The city’s waste and recycling are processed at four resource recovery centres, including Treasure Troves and a landfill site.

Rubbish Bins

Find out how to order bins for new houses and get damaged ones fixed or replaced, as well as learn what you can put in your bins. Learn about Council’s basic waste and recycling services and how to obtain bins for new homes. Find out what you can recycle and how to order a larger recycling bin.

Waste Utility Charges

Council provides a variety of waste management services, such as general waste collection and disposal, street sweeping, litter collection, cleaning parks and footpaths, public education programs, and waste management facilities.

Waste and Recycling Management Plans

Every waste management plan for a new building is now evaluated as part of the development services application procedure. Learn more about it.